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Apply for jobs on the JJ Job Board, have a new resume built within 2 business days.

Apply for jobs on the JJ Job Board, send us your resume, or have a new resume built.

"After being terminated from my position in healthcare, I applied to a job posting on Jabless Jobs. Within a matter of days Melissa got me a job with an employer who cares about personal choice! I'm so thankful for jabless jobs, highly recommend "
"I landed my dream job! I'm now working with fantastic people in a wonderful working environment and I've already had a promotion! I tell all my friends about Jabless Jobs and wish them success beyond their wildest dreams."
"Because of your website, I now have an incredible job where I'm not ostracized by my peers for my medical status and my mental health has improved. You are literally changing peoples lives and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that."

We know how tough it can be out there.

Our founder was once in your situation too. As a result the JJ Job Board was created out of a need to connect job seekers like you with employers that you can trust. There are many employers looking to hire professionals based on their competence and integrity and not based on their medical, political or ideological beliefs.

Hundreds of Canadians looking for jobs for the unvaccinated have found their new positions
within wonderful organizations across the country through Jabless Jobs.

- Team JJ

How to Apply

Applying for a job is free and will always be free!

Job seekers do not need to create an account to apply for jobs.
All you need is a resume in a PDF or word format.

1. Click on Canada or USA job board to browse jobs
2. Click on a job title to see the full description
3. Hit the apply button and fill in the fields
4. Optional: copy and paste your cover letter into the message section
5. Hit the yellow submit button


Your application has then been sent directly to the employer.

All businesses appreciate your interest and application,
however only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

Need a Resume?

Note: This is not an automated service. We have a real person who will build your resume.
At this time we do not offer cover letter or resume consultation as a service.

Our Resume Specialist will read over all your details and use her skills to make you a professional and ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly resume within 2 business days for only $50.

Build your resume in 3 easy steps:​

• Put in your
contact information

• Fill in the fields about
your skills/experience
(be as detailed as possible)

• Complete your order ($50)
and receive your new resume
within 2 business days

You’ll receive your new resume in (both) a .word and PDF format. With the .word you can edit and add information as you gain new experience. The PDF can be sent right away, to prospective employers. When using the resume building service, please provide as much detail as possible, (take your time) to help our Resume Specialist have a clear understanding of your work history and career goals.

Upload Your Resume

Submit your resume to be added to our database.

Whenever a new job is posted on the JJ Job Board or our recruitment service gets a new project, we look into our database of resumes and reach out to qualified candidates.​

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.