Job Detail

  • Position Teacher
  • Experience 2-5 Years

Job Description

Have you ever dreamed of teaching in a place where you have the freedom to incorporate different learning methods and nature in teaching a group of exceptionally bright children who have their minds opened to a world of possibilities? We are looking for a creative, compassionate, nature-loving teacher to lead a group of youth in a beautiful cob classroom at a Herb Farm. The classroom is in a heated barn, set-up with optional Wi-Fi, printer, and projector, and there is an attached bathroom and shower room beside the classroom.

Besides the possibilities that the 10-acre farm offers for learning and incorporating nature, it is located at the base of John Dean Provincial Park where there is limitless opportunity to explore nature in a forest setting.

NOTE: We will not be implementing masks or physical distancing for our children.

Learning Ideals:
By incorporating our core values and immersing in the natural ecosystem to assist in hands-on exploratory learning, we strive to create an engaging learning environment that invokes passionate practical-based learning and innovation.
By focusing on the Key Learning Areas listed below, we aim to instill in each child a deep sense knowing, resilience, and resourcefulness.
Through the use of group-based and independent learning methods, and by working with children to design their age appropriate learning goals, children will experience intellectual and emotional achievements and develop a sense of responsibility toward self and others.

Who We Are:
We are a small group of local families that are passionate about providing our children with a positive, stable and enriching educational and social experience.

Job Requirements:
We are looking for an experienced instructor to teach the fundamentals, but then to use their own passion to teach in a more unique and meaningful way (this may include, for example: inquiry-based, practical, and nature-based learning). There will be 10 children ranging from grade 2 to grade 7. Our school takes place 4 days a week from 8:30am to 2:30pm. We would also like to bring in community experts to teach things such as wood work, art, music, martial arts, growing food, knitting/sewing, etc.
The ideal teacher is enthusiastic about creating an interactive school environment, encouraging academic excellence and a love for learning while fostering a sense of self-responsibility and independence. It is our goal to support you in any way necessary to create a truly unique, amazing, and creative learning environment.

Core Values:
• Innovation and Creativity
• Appreciation and Curiosity for Nature
• Love for Learning and Academic Achievement
• Independence and Responsibility
• Compassion for Self, Others and Earth
• Social Grace and Confidence
• Honour the Uniqueness of Each Child

Key Learning Areas:
• English Language Arts
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• Arts Education
• Outdoor and Physical Education
• Applied Design
• Note: if there are other subjects that you’re passionate about teaching (eg: Language, Music, etc.) we would be happy to welcome these and discuss them further with you.

The teacher will provide two progress reports each school year for each child.

• A true passion for teaching
• Experience in teaching outside of a regular classroom setting an asset
• Experience teaching multi-ages is also an asset
• A passion for outdoors