Job Detail

  • Position Painter
  • Experience 2-5 Years

Job Description

We are a mid-sized company that focuses on repainting in season. Off season sees us move indoors mainly in a commercial capacity.

You should be familiar with all aspects of new and maintenance painting in the residential and commercial sectors.


  • You will need your own transportation and basic hand tools.  By that we mean, at the very least, a painters tool and a combination screwdriver. All other tools will be provided to start but we encourage you to build your own collection of tools. Such items as, two or three different size poles, a tray caddy, putty knives and drop sheets etc. You are required to wear painters “whites” while working. Your first set is provided free of charge. It is preferred that you provide your own transportation. If that isn’t your situation right now there are company vehicles but of course you will need a current valid license to operate one.
  • Please apply with a drivers abstract it you do not have a vehicle yet.
  • The work week is Monday to Friday 7 AM to 4 PM. You are not required to work weekends, however you may be asked to from time to time. If you accept that is your option, however if you do commit to weekend work you need to be prepared to follow through with that commitment.
  • Applicants should have at least two years experience and training. Teamwork is what we are about and you will be teamed with one or two other painters.


  • You will have a fuel allowance when you pass the probation period of three months. Occasionally we will work out of town so all your expenses associated with that will be covered by us.