Caregiver for 1 year old in HRM

  • Full time Part time
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bishops Landing View on Map
  • @No company
  • Salary: $18.00 - $20.00 / Hourly

Job Detail

  • Position Caregiver
  • Experience 1-2 Years

Job Description

Description of Daughter

She’s a delight. She’s just learned how to walk independently and will bounce from wall to wall. She still needs a ton of supervision for walking. Most of the time she wants to hold one of your hands and walk around exploring things. That’s mostly what she wants to do these days. And eat. We encourage independent walking and independent play as much as possible, but “independent” means it’s fully supervised so that when she inevitably trips you’re there to catch her.

We want our daughter to be having a happy time, so focusing on playful games (an educational spin is always great – but she’s also one year old, so peek-a-boo is great) and trying to introduce new words and ideas along the way is ideal. It’s a very happy home.

We have a zero-screen policy around her, so please keep your phone at the entrance.


– Be responsible and reliable;
– Lots of play with our daughter;
– Putting her down for nap time (we’re in the transition from 2 naps to 1 nap a day and we go by her own schedule – we’re not trying to force the flip);
Changing diapers (she only poops once a day – it’s great);
– Interest in educational games and teaching her through play;
– Respect our family privacy;
Positive disposition – she’s so much fun and is a big explorer walking around the home – she wants to show you everything she sees. We let her lead her own explorations and encourage her along the way;
Cleaning during her naps or when she’s engaged in independent play, which we encourage as much as possible. Sometimes she’ll just flip a book happily for 20 minutes (laundry, wiping down counters, floors, bathroom);
Food preparation (we find this is best to do during her naps – we’re Carnivores – meat in the oven with a thermometer that beeps at a certain temperate is basically all we do);
Feeding her (she likes baked sweet potato, yogurt, lots of meat, and eggs. Nothing fancy, but all grass-fed or organic. Never any artificial sugars);
– Giving her a bottle (I exclusively pump throughout the day – no need to know how to deal with formula);
Washing pumping gear throughout the day;
– Non-smoker.

Schedule/Hours – Minimum of 20 hours/week but room for lots more if desired

My husband and I both work from home, so we are very flexible with hours. Whether it’s from 7:00am to 12:00pm, 2:00pm to 6:30pm, or a full time 8:00 to 5:00pm for a few days a week, with different schedules for each day, is no problem. Whatever the schedule is, it needs to be set in stone two weeks in advance.

While we’re very flexible on the schedule, we need certainty in terms of your reliability. If you say you’ll be here for 9:00am, we need you to be here at 9:00am. We build our work meetings and calls around this.

We’re looking for someone to be commuted until the first week of June. After that, we can reassess an increase in pay and the possibility of continuing on for longer if desired.

The deal-breaker

Trust. If she falls, tell us (it will happen). Mistakes happen. If you don’t know how to do something, tell us.

We’ve had a wonderful caregiver in the past for several months. She had very little experience, but she was 100% honest about what she knew how to do and what she didn’t (bathing her, changing her diaper, etc.). We will take all the time needed to show you how we do things in our house. We appreciate all questions (and that can be the same question many times).

It all comes down to trust. Honesty and reliability are critical components of that.

Next Steps

Tell us about yourself! What makes you want to care for a kid? Are you reliable? Again, reliability and trust is much more important to us than experience (although we definitely appreciate the experience so please tell us about your time caring for kids in the past!).