We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but we provide our services across Canada and the USA.

Services for Employers: 

Job Board Posts 
Post an ad to fill your openings on the JJ Job Board.
It costs $75 to get started with a 6-month post and we have a JJ job board for both, Canada and the USA.
Jabless Jobs Recruitment Service (JJRS)
We can help you in filling your role by searching our database and extended network for potential candidates.
Click here to find out more and to book a consultation with a JJ Recruiter.

Services for Job Seekers: 

– Job Search on the JJ Job Board
It is free to apply for a job on the JJ Job board. All you need is a resume in a PDF or .word format.
Simply click on the job title that you are interested in, read the full description and apply from there.
– Jabless Jobs Recruitment Service (JJRS)
We do a lot of work offline for employers that hire us to recruit for them.
A job seeker can submit his or her resume to be entered into the JJRS database.
A JJ Recruiter will contact a candidate if and when a job opportunity comes in that requires the candidate’s experience.
-Resume building service
Many job seekers haven’t had to make a resume in 10+ years and had planned to stay with their previous employer for the rest of their career.
Based on the demand from job seekers, we created a resume building service with a Resume Specialist who will build an ATS-friendly resume within two business days.
What is ATS?
Applicant Tracking System is software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, including job postings and job applications. The ATS is capable of parsing emails according to keywords that recruiters would use to find candidates in their database. If your resume isn’t written for ATS, your profile may, unfortunately, be missed.
Location: You need to select the country, in order to have the option to select your province/state and the city. If you select only the province/state, all the jobs there will show up.
If you’ve selected multiple filters and no jobs are showing on the job board, it is likely that your search is too specific. At the top of the job board, you can deselect the filters, or click on “Clear all” to start fresh.
Mask policies vary in positions and industries. Businesses who post on the JJ Job Board may still have mask requirements.
If you are a Job Seeker with an exemption, you will need to discuss it with the employer.
You don’t have to. We don’t ask and neither should the employer. Either way, many Job Seekers feel the need to tell us and the Employers about their V Status, but isn’t necessary.
Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 6pm PST
We do not have a phone number.  But you can fill in the contact form or DM us on social media (facebookinstagram).