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The Team

Mary-lin Law and staff are compassionate caregivers who want to make daily living enjoyable for Kelowna area seniors who prefer the comfort of their own home rather than going into a senior care facility.

Offering as-needed services, we will help seniors enjoy their daily lives by not only providing help in doing normal chores and errands, but also by offering companionship to people who might truly appreciate that little extra smile! We are ready to step in where family members may not be able to, either due to distance or time, or in situations where the senior may not have a family. We are happy to do “In-home” assessments by request.

Home Care Services We Offer

Providing home care for seniors is what we truly love to do! TLC is what you’ll get when you hire Mary-lin and her staff, The Team, to assist you in your every-day activities. Click on each of our services below to read more about how we can help you continue to enjoy the comfort of your own home!

Always on call ….only a phone call away!

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