Little Leaders Preschool (Home based)

Company Description

Little Leaders Preschool

I’m in the planning and enrollment stages of starting Little Leaders Preschool. The preschool will be based out of my home, and will incorporate numerous themes including technology, STEM, montessori, waldorf and other non traditional teaching methods.

I want to provide an interactive learning experience for children between the ages of 3-5. My child is 3.5 and I dont want to enroll into a public school or montessori.  I want to begin a homeschooling type experience/ learning pod. I would like to enroll another 4 children. I would love to get started as soon as I can, hoping by mid March! And, the only way I can get started is with an amazing teacher 🙂

I work part time and will be working remotely from home as well. I intend on teaching here and there and am creating the curriculum as well.

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