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My name is Sophie I am the owner/operator of AdvoCare Freedom Through Health. I created this company out of the wholehearted love I have for my job. I have been a Care Aide for 5 years, I have completed the education for Licensed Practical Nurse through both Sprott Shaw College and Thompson Rivers University, unfortunately both institutions terminated me as a student, leaving me with no Certification; rather a large lumpsum of debt, all due to my own health choices, that we as human beings are entitled to. I became to be fed up with the abuse health care workers and patients were being put through, when willing to help or those who have worked up great courage to simply ask for help. I was tired of working for individuals, private industries and health authorities that had such low care standards, these examples make my own basic level of care seem to be an over the moon occurrence to receive such quality in care. People seem to have forgotten the route of ‘nursing’, of care, I hope to reinforce what a privilege it is to provide care, not as tasks but genuinely from the root of the human heart.


AdvoCare on the Mission

We are a small, home care company, local to Kamloops BC!

We are our clients biggest advocate, while teaching them how to be their own voice. Our mission is to give back the freedom of living life, that our clients may have been missing out on due to being stuck in survival mode, just to get by; perhaps due to lack of quality in care performed by current resourced health care providers and authorities in our community. As an employee of AdvoCare, you will assist and witness miracles come to life for the vulnerable individuals in our community.

We are searching for a courageous, motivated, heavy hearted, compassionate, health care advocate to join our AdvoCare family!



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