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At Jabless Jobs, we connect talented job seekers with value aligned employers. ​

We exist to support freedom in the work place. Here’s where you can work for a Super Boss or hire an Alpha Citizen.

Who are you ?

Alpha Citizen

A job seeker whose personal values matter more than social pressure or government coercion.

Super Boss

A values-aligned employer who respects medical privacy. .

Why Jabless Jobs?

I was let go from my job in August of 2021:

My employer wanted to enforce the jab on me, and I did not comply. So I started a telegram group called Jabless Jobs (JJ).

I thought I’d run it for only a week or two, until I found a new job for myself. I wanted to find an employer that I could trust. But then JJ blew up, and I realized that while trying to solve a problem for myself, I had created an avenue of hope and freedom for many others.

Stressed and unemployed, and with all the time in the world, I put my efforts into JJ and to try and keep it going. A few weeks later, I realized that I’d have to either monetize or quit. The workload was simply not sustainable as a volunteer group. So with the support from a friend, I incorporated JJ and got it out the gate.

Now, 21 months later, I’m the CEO of a growing company, and we’ve facilitated the employment for over 1,000 Canadians who chose to stick to their values. And through the process I met Melissa, my business partner, and the woman of my dreams.

The last 3 years have changed us forever:

– Alpha Citizens will always want an employer they can trust, and
– Super Bosses need a trusted brand to help them grow a like-minded staff.

Taking the road less traveled has made all the difference.

George Douklias

Founder & CEO

George & Melissa at a rally in Vancouver, BC: Summer 2022

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