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Hundreds of thousands of talented and reliable Canadian workers of various industries and backgrounds have become available on the job market.
Not only due to their unwillingness to comply with disclosing their vaccine status, but also as a result of not sharing in their previous employer's political and/or ideological beliefs. 

We had early foresight in the matter and created a job board (Jabless Jobs) to provide a list of jobs that don’t require the covid vaccine.  We were confident that there would be enough non-discriminatory employers to provide jobs for unvaccinated workers. We soon discovered that we were right.  There certainly are many employers willing to hire professionals, solely based on their competence and integrity and not based on their medical, political or ideological beliefs. 

The mission of Jabless Jobs is to connect professional candidates with non-discriminatory employers. Whether they vote for this party or that, or simply don’t wish to disclose their personal medical information, our job seekers know that through Jabless Jobs, they will find an employer they can trust.

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